iOS 7 bug in Hazel Dazzle 1.0

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Don’t panic!!

Users with iOS 7.02 may be experiencing a crash right after the intro of the game.

As long as we’ve checked, this a problem that appeared due to iOS 7 (some other games made with Unity are experiencing the same problem). During the next week we’ll prepare an update to solve this problem so every of you can enjoy the game.

Thanks for your reports and we keep in touch!


No temáis!!

Los usuarios con iOS 7.02 podrían estar experimentando un crash justo después de la intro del juego.

Hasta donde sabemos, este problema ha aparecido debido a iOS 7 (hay más juegos hechos con Unity a los que les ha pasado lo mismo). Durante la próxima semana subiremos una actualización para solventar este problema y que todos podáis disfrutar del juego.

Gracias por vuestros informes y seguimos en contacto!


Un comentario sobre “iOS 7 bug in Hazel Dazzle 1.0

    Wake Studios Devzone! respondido:
    25 de octubre de 2013 en 10:33 am

    We’ve received some feedback from our friends of TouchArcade (thx a lot guys!)

    • It’s specific to just iOSv7 (7.02). Users of iOSv6 seem to be unaffected.
    • Affects mostly to iPad Mini but it also crashed in a few iPad2 (16GB model) that were bought at the first 3 months after release.
    • There is no feedback yet concerning new iPad 3rd-5th gen. models
    • It looks like some iOSv7 iPad (no-mini) devices were able to fix the bug by simply reseting/cleaning the firmware settings back to default. Something like “cleaning your memory&cache space”.

    Please, keep sending us more feedback!


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