Mes: febrero 2015

Time to tell: BookTales soft-launch!

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It is a great day for the Empire: today we release <Codename: Booktales> soft-launch!

If you want to try our new game don’t loose your time and enter the game site!!

We’d love you to help us gathering some data and making a better game 🙂


Subvención del Ministerio de Cultura

Posted on Actualizado enn

Estamos contentos y agradecidos por el trabajo que el Ministerio de Cultura nos ha ayudado a hacer.

Gracias a su subvención estamos pudiendo llevar a cabo esta investigación sobre juegos, comunidades online y narración.


Pd. En breve estamos en soft-laucnh

BookTales: Soft-launch date!!!

Posted on Actualizado enn

To all the adventurers that travel the net: the soft-launch date of <Codename: BookTales> is confirmed.

Don’t do anything else next February the 23rd!!

The release will take place in the Wake’s website. We’ll be waiting for you there 😉


We’ll give you more information when the time comes, but by now just find out your adventuring boots and grab your best sword.

Wanted images? Here they are!

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Of course, you started to think what was this all about.

Just to help you find out, here there are some images 😉

booktales-shot03 booktales-shot02-1 booktales-shot01-1

Tales time…

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The new Wake’s project is almost ready!

This time we’re going to do a soft-launch of the game instead of a final release. Why this?

During the last years we gathered some experience and we truly believe that you players should be the ones helping us to develop the final game. We want to know your opinion, to take a look on you while you play and to listen to your ideas to keep on improving.

This time we’re working on a 3rd person action game that does some research about online communities and player’s capacity to narrate.

We’re adding the last stuff to the version we’ll use for the soft-launch.

Hope to see you there!