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Release date confirmed

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Hi guys!

BookTales is going to be released finally next APRIL the 2ND!

This date means a lot to us since it’s also Wake’s founding¬†anniversary: 6 years of game experiences!

And last but not least: the game is confirmed for PC web browser as stated buuuuuuut… there’s going to be a surprise for you ūüėČ


“Working hard, eh bro?”

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Gathering stories from players…………….








Adding new¬†plots to the build…………….








Telling a better tale!

Soft launch closure date

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Hey guys!

We’re gathering a lot of information from your games but there’s always an end¬†to every story.

The last day you’ll be¬†able to play will be next March the 15th (15/3).

Enjoy your last days of tales ūüėČ

Thankful and informed!

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Thanks a lot to all of you who play the Book Tales current version.

The data we’re getting from the soft-launch is being very useful and it’s helping us to improve our project. You rule guys!

And don’t forget to keep playing HERE.