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Booktales: Release trailer

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Launch trailer for everyone 🙂

BookTales is released!

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BookTales is a collaborative tale that never ends.

Every time you play you build new experiences and you share them with everyone.

Begin your own story here!


You can tell again the stories of the other players, change their actions and conclusions… and everything is gathered in a big and living book of tales!

And here it’s the surprise we were talking about. In BookTales your avatar evolves every time you play. He/She becomes your hero with a different story than the rest. So, why not create avatars from your mobile phone and play with them later in the PC?

HERE it’s also the Avatar Forge for Android devices, for narrators that don’t cease creating 🙂


Remember, remember the 2nd of April…

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Just a quick note: don’t forget that tomorrow BookTales is going to be released!!

Release date confirmed

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Hi guys!

BookTales is going to be released finally next APRIL the 2ND!

This date means a lot to us since it’s also Wake’s founding anniversary: 6 years of game experiences!

And last but not least: the game is confirmed for PC web browser as stated buuuuuuut… there’s going to be a surprise for you 😉

“Working hard, eh bro?”

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Gathering stories from players…………….








Adding new plots to the build…………….








Telling a better tale!

Soft launch closure date

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Hey guys!

We’re gathering a lot of information from your games but there’s always an end to every story.

The last day you’ll be able to play will be next March the 15th (15/3).

Enjoy your last days of tales 😉